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One of the challenges that we faced at Spring was how to bring a curated feel to the platform. Spring had over 3,000+ brands on the platform and countless amounts of products. One of the biggest problems we found during user testing was that user were overwhelmed with the amount of stuff on the site.

The Editorial team needed a way to create curated events to sell products, or collections of products. They needed a way to make the users feel like the product or products that were in the event were special, high quality, and curated. Our answer was to create a system that allowed the editorial team to create events that did just that.

Research & User Testing

Originally the initiative came out of regular user testing sessions we had with Spring customers. We held bi monthly user testing sessions where we just gained general feedback as well as tested features or ideas. The sessions generally consisted of questionnaires, usability analysis, and cognitive walkthroughs.

During the final phases we validated our designs and assumptions with user testing sessions that were conducted by myself, by the creative director Quintin Lodge, and the PM’s that were staffed on the project. It was an iterative process that resulted in several templates that were designed for the editorial team that could be used to create curated events for single product launches, doorbuster type sales, and collections.

Michael Mazur Design


After doing a bit of research we thought the best approach would be to create several templates that were for Desktop, mobile web, and iOS that would accommodate for multiple scenarios. A single product launch, doorbuster sale, and a collection event. Each had their own special use cases and caveats.

Pictured is the single product launch template. It was intended on giving the user an high touch feel, that tells the story of a single products construction and or its features. This was intended to be used for products that are being released on Spring exclusively.

Michael Mazur Design
Michael Mazur Design

Sticky Timer

We wanted the user to have a feeling of exclusivity and a drive to purchase the product that is being featured. Our answer was a sticky timer that also denoted when limited quantities were left.

Michael Mazur Design

Captivating Story

Single product launches should feel special. There should be a story told about the product, featuring a curated story and high quality imagery.

Michael Mazur Design

Dynamic Layout

We designed the templates to have flexible layout options that allow for endless combinations that keep each event feeling special and custom.

Michael Mazur Design

Call to Action

After users have been told a curated story about why we are featuring this product on Spring exclusively there is a call to action to immediately purchase the item. Users size preferences would be defaulted on the size selection.

Michael Mazur Design

Suggest Relevant Events

As part of a larger initiative to create endless shopping we designed modules that would appear if relevant events were running concurrently. The module was scalable to feature one, two, or three featured events.


The designs were vetted to make sure that they worked well across all platforms we support which are desktop, mobile web, and iOS. A consistent look and feel across all platforms was paramount.

Michael Mazur Design
Michael Mazur Design

Michael Mazur Design

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